Multirotor ESC Power Distribution Battery Board For Quadcopter Multi-Axis Model


2.59 Dólares USD



  • 100% Brand new and high quality.

  • These lightweight distribution boards make powering multi-rotor aircraft easy. Simply solder a battery connection onto the two central terminals, and you've got eight pairs of connections to use - perfect for quadcopters, hexacopters and even octocopters.

  • These boards are great for smaller multirotor builds. They're compact and lightweight, and offer large solder pads - making them easy to work with.

  • These boards can handle some serious current - up to 20A per output for a quadcopter build, or drop that down to 10A each for an octocopter.

  • Material: glass fiber

  • Compatible with MK KK flight control installment pitch of holes

  • Compatible with MK KK flight control system

  • Can connect 1-8 ESC

  • Hole Spacing: 45mm Square and 35mm Square (Compatible with KK 45mm spacing)