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Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Kit Electronic Field Music 15W DIY Project


13.15 Dólares USD

  • Material: Electrical components
  • Color: See pictures
  • Tesla on the basis of the general increase of the music player, you can play phone / computer music, a clear sound. 15-24 V DC input voltage 
    when 24 V, 5-10mm arc length meters is ideal, small size, power range and power, can be a long working uninterrupted, you can also take LED lit, foam
  • Energy-saving lamps, frequency flash tube, you can play power transmission wireless, rotary arc and so on.
  • Parameters:
  • Size: 38 * 79mm
  • Power: 15 w
  • Power Input: DC 15-24V, Current 2A, DC5.5 Interface
  • Audio input: 3.5 jack, you can connect your phone, mp3, computer audio
  • Plasma speaker stereo speakers: the principle is to stimulate the plasma arc of air turned into air vibrations generated by the expression of a new concept, you can access your phone, mp3, computer audio input, this mini speaker Tesla plasma arc speaker compared to the actual real experience better sound high-frequency response, and spark plasma arc speakers have good sound quality, stable and safe, you can play any song without earthing, easy to Use resources compared; There is no doubt as a new member stereo home player!
  • Principle of wireless transmission: a coil connected at both ends with both ends LED, near-emitter device, Qiliang LED, the principle is resonant wireless power transfer
  • Precautions:
  • 1, product safety, power is not high, not because of an electric shock, but is not recommended to touch the top of the arc coil, there will be a burning sensation.
  • 2, after a long time the power does not touch the heat sink, the temperature is very high, especially when using a huge 24V high-voltage heat, reserve a fan interface, plus cooling fan if necessary.
  • 3, it is not recommended to work on the body or other objects near the coil Tesla coil, the coil within half a meter next to other objects can not be left blank, because other objects such as a good conductor coil will form a good Loop, coil to absorb energy, then pull the coil or unable to Water demonstrate the effect of the demo variation! please, note;
  • 4, not for the phone, mp3 and other electronic equipment near the coil, the coil generates a high frequency magnetic field would interfere with these mobile phones, mp3 and other equipment failure or damage!
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  • Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!