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ROB1214 DSM501A Dust Sensor with Cable


12.99 Dólares USD

Product descripton:
Based on the same counter with the particle theory of light scattered by a unique detection method
Will be seized within the unit volume is equivalent to the absolute number of particles as a pulse signal output.
Can sense smoke particles produced smoke, dust and other allergic Housing
Can detect more than 1 micron or 2.5 micron particles of two small threshold.
Small volume, light weight, easy to install.
5V input circuit, to facilitate signal processing.
Built-in air generator, free to attract external atmosphere.
Maintenance is simple, keeping the long term characteristics of the sensor.
Purpose: Air Cleaner, air conditioners, ventilation fans, environmental monitoring

Rated Power: 0.5W
Operating Voltage: 5V
Operating Current: 100mA
Open Circuit Current: 106mA
Operating Temperature: -20+or-85 degree
Light Intensity: 1000W/M2, 25 degree,AM1.5

Air cleaner or Air purifier
Air condition
Air quality monitor
Ventilator etc.