DC-SSR DC Microwave Sensor Switch Radar Switch Module Human Body Induction


5.99 Dólares USD

  • Parameter:
  • 1.Model:XZG-LDK-6
  • 2.Input Voltage:3.7-12V
  • 3.Output Voltage:3.7-12V
  • 4.Maximum Load Current:3A
  • 5.Maximum Load Power:30W (driving LED should less than 20W)
  • 6.Sensing Distance:5m (customizable, the longest distance is 10m)
  • 7.Delay Time:default 10 seconds (customizable)
  • 8.Accessible to install photoresistance (need to customize,default no photoresistance)
  • Notice:
  • 1.Don't operate during the power on;don't connect the wrong wire;don't overload and short circuit;please read the instruction carefully before using
  • 2.Don't use it to overload power
  • 3.When the wall thickness is smaller than 10cm,this switch may sensor throughout the wall
  • 4.Don;t put any objects that may affect its detection or keep on moving
  • 5.Don't take shakable object as install basement
  • 6.Short-distance microwave signal and other superstrong magnetic radiation source may influence the normal operation og radar switch
  • 7.Owing to the difference of sensoring distance,the matching antenna model may be different when customization