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Capacitive Proximity Switch NPN NO DC 6-36V


13.99 Dólares USD

  • Model: LJC18A3-H-Z/BX

  • Wire Type: DC 3 Wire Type (Brown, Black, Blue)

  • Switch Appearance Type: Cylinder Type

  • Theory: Capacitance Sensor

  • Output Type: NPN NO(Normal Open)

  • Diameter of Head: approx. 18mm

  • Detecting Distance: 1-10mm

  • Detecting Object: Metal or Nonmetal Material

  • Supply Voltage: DC 6-36V

  • Current Output: 300mA

  • Response Frequency: 100Hz

  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +65°C (Non-freezing Condition)

  • Size: approx. 7.5 x 4cm/3'' x 1.6'' (L*Max. Dia)

  • Cable Length: approx. 120cm/47"

  • External Material: plastic+alloy

  • Color: as picture shows

  • It is a component widely used in automatic control industry for detecting, controlling, and non-contact switching. When proximity switch is close to some target object, it will send out control signal.

  • As it is capacitive type proximity switch, its detecting object target is not limited to only conductor, but also liquid and even powder things, like plastic, water, glass, oil, etc.

  • It's widely used in machine, paper making, light industry for limiting station, orientation taking count, speeding trial etc.

  • Integrated circuit proximity switch which is composed of oscillator and shaping amplipier oscillator start-up after induction head switch the last alternating magnetic field.

  • This series of proximity switch for high-frequency oscillation with no contact, no pressure, no spark, quickly issued a detection signal.

  • This series of proximity switch, is widely used in modern industry, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, military, textile, chemical, mining, scientific research departments of machine tools and industrial automatic production line.

  • This switch includes a high frequency oscillating circuit, detection circuit, amplifier circuit, trigger circuit and the output circuit.